Thursday, May 13, 2010

Changing Impressions on Japan

( Tokyo Trip)

Before coming to Japan I did not know a lot about the country or its people. But after spending a whole year here, I learned a lot as I have been having a lot of different experiences in a lot of different places of the country.
I cannot say that my impressions changed, but i can say that they have been intensified and improved.
As a summary of my journey here I should say that I did not stick with the same activities, as I have been to different festivals through out the year. I have also visited a lot of shrines and temples especially since I took the religion class with Kenney Sensei. I have learned a lot about religion and never expected the country to have a lot of different religions and practices. what was surprising too, is the manga culture in the country, i never expected before coming here and taking a class about it that the manga and anime was a part of the japanese culture. I only thought that it was like any other country just a form of entertainment nothing more.
I have also been to a japanese prison in a trip with scott sensei's class, and....japanese prisoners are so quite and hard working and clean, not at all scary as I guessed they would be before going to the prison. As for my anthropology class, this blog has pushed me to look up a lot of things before talking about them, and trying to understand them, and look at my surroundings in a critical, observational way. All that made my impressions about japan enhanced and the few stereotypes I had to completely vanish and be replaced by something more interesting and more real.
I certainly did not expect japanese people to be such nice people, and very helpful. I, personally, have never faced any discrimination from any japanese person for over 9 months now, and my impressions about the people is highly positive. The food, however, was a bit of a disappointing experience... as the regime in my own country Morocco is completely different and since I never liked fish anyways, I could'nt really enjoy japanese food at all. However, I was glad to meet such nice people who were all the time looking up for foreign restaurants to eat in when I was with them.
Before coming to Japan I expected the country to have 4 seasons just like back home, but I was surprised by how much the weather can change in a week. one day the sun the next day the rain..... it was interesting.
This is what I actually experienced during my journey in Japan and my love for its culture, and people has just been increased. I can't wait to come back again and experience some more.